About Us

Rue Franklin is an art and design studio that brings original, abstract modern art to your everyday. Our mission is to bring art to life! We achieve this by making exclusive artistic design accessible, spreading colour and joy throughout your world.
We primarily work on a Commission basis, with two print drops a year (Spring and Autumn). Our work is bright, colourful, and a narrative on the zest and wonder of modern life. 


About Mary:

Mary is the founder of the Rue Franklin Studio, a self-taught abstract artist who seeks to spread joy through sharing her creative process and endeavours. An Irish

woman from County Cork, Mary has lived and worked in Dublin, London, Lyon and now Washington DC. She has seen the world through the eyes of a native, an immigrant and a visitor - this changing perspective is what inspires her to think differently, and an underlying theme of community and belonging can be seen in every canvas she creates.

Why did you call the studio "Rue Franklin"?

Mary loved her time living in France, and was in the process of moving to America at the time. One day she was standing on a street just off the Champs- Élysées in Paris, admiring the beautiful art deco architecture it boasted alongside traditional Parisian chic streets. The street was called "Rue Benjamin Franklin" - "Rue" being the french word for "Street", was juxtaposed against a very American "Benjamin Franklin", a former US President after which the street was named. She thought this was a great reflection of two countries coming together, and reflected her own move across the Atlantic too - bridging Europe and America. Mary shortened it to Rue Franklin - and that has been the studio name ever since.

Contact Us:

Looking for something a little different? Contact us for more information on our bespoke design service, we will send you an info booklet with all the details.

Rue Franklin customers champion design and individuality, and are looking for pieces that bring their personality to life.  We know you will find something magical on our site!

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